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More About Piano Chords (inversions)

Chord Notation Discussion

What About Piano Moving?

Digital or Real Piano

How Much Is My Piano Worth

Buying And Selling Used Pianos

When Was My Piano Made

Why Does A Piano Need Tuning

How To Repair Water Marks On My Piano ?

Ghost Playing The Piano

Metronome software to help you with timing.
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Tips On Buying A Guitar

Guide For Buying An Acoustic Guitar

Free Guitar & Bass Tuners >
Guitar String Buzz - Can I Fix It?

The Most Important Guitar Terms

Tech Tip - Avoiding Hum

This software shows you the frets to use to make any guitar chord.
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Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners
GuitarZonline. With over 20 years of guitar instruction experience, we've researched all of the free online guitar lessons for beginners we could find, selected the highest quality instruction, added some of our own tips & put them into a nice easy to follow free beginner guitar course  to help you learn guitar online.

Measure & Replace The Nut On A Guitar

Set-Up An Acoustic Drum Set (Kit)

Press Kit Strategies For Performers

How To Call Attention To Your Music
If you are a performer or have a band, you really should read this. Note: This is a big file and may take a few seconds to load depending on your connection speed.

Finding a Manager

What To Do When You Lose Your Job
This has nothing to do with music, but I thought some would find it help-full in these economic hard times.



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