If you suspect mice in your piano (ask your tuner if there is evidence of rodents), before you proceed with the following technique, the piano will need to be professionally cleaned by a piano technician. Proper cleaning is not something that you can do as a musician as mice can easily get under the keys that set on the key-bed and other small areas in the action inside the piano. The piano will need to be disassembled to a degree that is way beyond the ability of a person other than a professional piano technician.

We offer a complete piano cleaning service to customers in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. If you are outside our service area, contact us or go to our website to find a piano technician in your area.
Click here to see a list of  some of the procedures that are included in our professional cleaning, deodorizing and rodent repelling process.

** Under no circumstances try the following procedure on a grand or player piano, leave this to the professional ! **

There is a simple safe solution to keeping mice out of your piano and it might keep them out of you whole house.
Mice love to make nests in pianos, but they hate "Mouse Magic".

For vertical pianos, you will need to remove the lower front panel as follows:
The bottom cover is usually held in place by a metal or wood bar in the middle of the piano (some have two). Just push the retaining bar upwards and gently pull the cover towards you. It should have 2-3 pins or dowels on the piano or the cover that hold the cover aligned in the instrument, be careful not to bend or break these pins, or force the holes on the bottom side of the cover. These pins act as guides to facilitate reinstalling when you are ready to put it back in place.

  Push this metal bar upwards and gently pull the cover outwards.  

Typical retainer on lower front panel

  Removing all the covers gives access to the hammer action, pedals and strings.  

View of vertical piano with the lower front exposed.


Use a vacuum cleaner to clean out any mouse droppings or debris in the bottom of the piano. Mouse droppings and debris can harbor and transmit a number of serious diseases, wear rubber gloves and a breathing mask when cleaning. Place one pack of "Mouse Magic" on each side in the bottom of the piano. There may be a slight pleasant fragrance. You can order "Mouse Magic" here.

DO NOT put mouse poison or traps in your piano. Dead mouse bodies can do much damage to a key bed, not to mention the terrible odor, both are a problem that stays in the piano for years.

Note: If you have a Grand piano that you suspect mice to be in, consult a professional piano technician.


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Now that you don't have mice returning to your piano, there is still a problem left by their presents and that is the odor from the urine and feces. Not a pleasant thought, but we have the solution to this problem as well and it is:

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