Jam with your own jam band on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...


This software provides a virtual jam band ready for you to solo with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dear Musician,

What do you have the most fun doing as a musician?  If you're like most musicians, you will say, "jamming with other musicians". The problem is, when you decide you have the time to sit down and jam, you find that the other musicians you know aren't available to play. Well, your problem is solved with "Jam Band 24-7", because this band is always waiting for you, 24-7.  No more waiting and hoping everybody shows. Another great thing about "Jam Band 24-7" is that this band never misses a beat and never plays a sour note or chord. OK, it's true that the musicians in this band won't visit about the latest CD's or the hot topic of the day, but they won't argue with you and then leave either and you don't have to feed them. The jam tracks in "Jam Band 24-7"  include keyboard, bass and drums. You can play each track as long as you want or start and stop it as often as you like (you are in complete control). There are songs in just about all music categories and styles, so you will enjoy playing songs that fit your style and taste. You can solo over the tracks with just about any musical instrument including guitar, piano, sax, violin, organ or almost any instrument you can think of.

I developed this software after many years of trying to get musicians together to jam. Now they call me much more often than I call them. Don't get me wrong, I still love to get together with other musicians, but now when I do, I can jam much better because of the practicing I do with "Jam Band 24-7". Believe me, you will become a better "jammer" after you start playing along with these tracks. You will find that you practice much more and for a longer period of time at each session. 

Here's what one customer said...

My jamming skill level has gone up a lot. I use your software every day.

I bought your book "Improvising - How To Do It" at the same time that I bought this software and I can't believe how quick it was to start jamming. Looking forward to getting the full version.

Thanks, this is great fun.

Here's what a different customer said...

I have played for years and got so frustrated trying to get people together when I wanted to jam. Now I jam a lot more often and enjoy my music a lot more. Considering the hours I use your product, the cost works out to be pennies a week. One of the best music investments around. Thanks.

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If you play an instrument and have always wanted to learn to jam or improvise, the eBook "Improvising - How To Do It"  will have you jamming with any band or musician very quickly. The system and principals in this eBook are very simple and are used by musicians world wide. If you purchase my eBook "Improvising - How To Do It" along with the "Jam Band 24-7" software, you will be having fun improvising and jamming faster than you would ever imagine possible.
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