Learn to improvise and jam with anyone.

I have the ability to play any type of music and jam with anyone instantly and I can’t read a note of music.

I have been able to do this for years and believe it or not it’s easy when you understand a few basic music principals. These principals work for anyone with any type of music and no matter what instrument you play or decide to play.

Here is what Anita from Flushing, MI said in an email:

"I was extremely happy with the item. I have been trying to find out this information for years. Thanks"


If this is not a very exciting concept to you, then maybe music is not right for you and maybe you should not waste any more time reading further.


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Well you have come this far, so I guess this idea does excite you. It has excited me for so many years.

First let me correct something. When someone says to me, “you play by ear very well”, this is not true, because the fact is that nobody plays by ear no matter how well they jam or improvise.

The truth is, although you won’t find to many musicians willing to admit it, but a so called "ear player" doesn’t really play by ear, rather it is a simple method of mathematics. When I say simple, I mean that if you can count you can jam with anyone, all you have to do is learn the music system that is used by all musicians who can jam and improvise well.

Did you know that most jazz musicians can’t read music, at least not very well, and they have no desire to learn how.

This may sound strange but, the reason their sound is so fluid is because they don’t spend time learning or practicing classic sheet music reading.

Actually if a musician started music schooling at an early age & continued music education through college, they can read music. However, if they follow the steps to become good at jamming and improvising, they soon move away from note reading and then loose the ability to read music very well. This is of course a generalization, so please don’t contact me about all the exceptions.

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Now lets move on and start learning to jam and improvise.

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Buy now to learn the simple secret that will have you jamming with any musician instantly !!
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If you want to study improvising in depth, click on the image to the left. This is a very good course on the subject of improvising for the keyboard player.