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Banjo Chords DVD

by Joe Carr

This great 5-string banjo chord DVD makes it possible to learn all the essential chords. Learning becomes much more interesting when you can see and hear each chord. Joe Carr teaches the chord shapes and positions that are used by all leading professionals. Watching Joe's hand positions and listening to each note in the chord will improve your ear and enable you to learn at a faster pace. Every major, minor seventh, diminished and augmented chord is demonstrated and systematically taught. Keep this DVD close whenever you are working on new material and need to learn the correct chords. It will make learning the chords a lot more fun.

product #: mb96847DVD ..... $9.95 $3.00 s&h

$3.00 shipping no matter how many you order.

Banjo Chord Chart 

by William Bay  

A quick-reference guide to bluegrass G-tuning banjo chords, plus a fingerboard diagram showing the location of the notes on the banjo fingerboard. Folds out to 17 1/2" x 12" to use as a wall chart.

Product #: mb93321
$4.99 $2.00 s&h

$2.00 shipping no matter how many you order.

5-String Banjo Method Grade 1 Book/2-CD Set 

by Alan Munde

This method is designed for learning the finger style five-string banjo in a larger musical context than previous single style based methods. The Modern 5-String Banjo Method builds the theoretical and technical foundations needed to play in many styles. Beginning with a thorough grounding in the scales and chords coupled with well thought out fingerings in the keys of C, Am, and G, the student is presented with melodies, chord melodies, the folk strum, arpeggios, and the beginnings of the bluegrass banjo style. The varied and beautiful musical studies and exercises come from many traditions and offer a logical and organic approach to learning the five-string banjo leading the student to an authentic understanding of the processes and techniques needed for creating music on the five-string banjo. The Modern Method for Five-String Banjo is in tablature only.

Comes with 2 full length CD's !!

Product #: mb21639BCD ... $19.99 $4.00 s&h
$4.00 shipping no matter how many you order.

Playing Banjo by Ear & Learning the Chords DVD 
by Ross Nickerson

130 minute DVD instruction to help you play without tablature, learn to memorize, learn the chords better, learn to jam on banjo and loads of practical tips for the student wanting to play with others and trying to reach the next level. Includes instruction on learning the chords to songs, playing rolls and chords, up the neck chords, minor major and seventh chords.

Tips and exercises to improve your chord changing ability and practice backup. How to improve timing, pick steady, improvise simply, add slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs to chords and chord changes in the song. 

Product #: mb881837001138 ... $29.95 $4.00 s&h
$4.00 shipping no matter how many you order.


Banjo Chord Chart
by: APT

A two page chart for the wall or music rack on heavy paper stock. Displays on wall at 17" x 11".

96 of the most popular banjo chords in G tuning.

Plus a fingerboard  diagram showing the location of the notes on the banjo fingerboard, all in open form.

Also a banjo diagram with labels of the parts of a banjo.

100% money back guarantee.

$3.99 $2.00 s&h
$2.00 shipping no matter how many you order.

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